Why is my cat muscle twitching?

Why is my cat muscle twitching?

Muscle fasciculations and tremors in cats can be caused by intoxications, metabolic derangements, encephalomyelitis, feline hyperaesthesia syndrome and cerebellar diseases.

When I touch my cats back twitches?

Symptoms of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome A cat with feline hyperesthesia syndrome may have any of the following signs: Rippling or twitching of skin on the lower back (both after touch and for no apparent reason) Dilated pupils. Jumping and running.

Is it normal for cats to twitch?

For most cats, twitching while asleep is normal, common behavior. There is no reason to see a vet over your cat’s twitching unless they are also lethargic, have a decreased appetite, vomit, their body stiffens or they have jerky movements when they twitch, or they are hard to wake up.

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