Why do some Aussies have tails and some dont?

Why do some Aussies have tails and some dont?

Many have naturally short tails. In addition to having a genetic predisposition for heterochromia, Aussies have a one-in-five chance of being born with a naturally bobbed tail,. Ranchers purposely bred Aussies that had these naturally short tails because they are safer when it comes to herding.

Can Australian shepherds have tails?

In fact, many people ask us if the Australian Shepherd even has a tail. The short answer is yes, Australian Shepherds have tails, but they don’t all look alike, either naturally or because of docking.

Why do herding dogs not have tails?

Preventing injuries The most obvious safety reason is to prevent future tail injuries. For herding dogs, a lot of debris like bushes and tree branches can get stuck in their tails. Their tails can tear and bleeding, causing wounds on their tail.

Why doesn’t my Australian Shepherd have a tail?

The natural bobbed tail is a recessive gene within the Australian Shepherd dog breed genetic code. This genetic mutation curbs the tail, naturally creating a shortened tail that is only about one or two vertebrae in length.

Should Aussies have tails?

So, do Australian Shepherds have tails? Many Australian Shepherds are bobtailed dogs with no tails, while others do have tails. But despite popular belief, the Aussies without tails are not always docked. In fact, 1 in 5 puppies are born without a tail.

What percentage of Australian Shepherds are born with tails?

Around 80% of Australian Shepherds are born with long tails, but their long tails are not as long or healthy as those of other breeds.

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