Which animals feed on bats?

Which animals feed on bats?

Bat predators are owls, hawks, falcons, and snakes. Owls, hawks, falcons, cats, crocodiles, and snakes eat bats. Despite being invaluable members of the ecosystem, bats are also feasted upon by some birds of prey and other of their top predators.

Which bird eats bats?

Swainson’s Hawks typically eat small mammals, reptiles, and insects, but these hawks have learned the skills needed to catch and eat the swarming bats, says Geoff LeBaron, director of Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count.

What are bats scared of?

Bats don’t like the smell of mothballs, white phenol, cinnamon, or eucalyptus. Install bright lights to help deter them. Bats also don’t like objects that reflect light, so you can hang strips of aluminum foil, mirrors, mylar balloons, or even old CDs.

Do fox eat bats?

In North America, raccoons (Procyon lotor) and foxes (Vulpes sp.)are known to eat bats

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