Where can you pet cows in Oklahoma?

Where can you pet cows in Oklahoma?

Kenny Farms has an interactive petting farm with just about every barnyard animal you can imagine: llamas, alpacas, cows, horses, rabbits, donkeys and more.

Do you have to make reservations for OKC Zoo?

Admission to the Zoo is not included and must be purchased separately. Guests must reserve at least two weeks in advance. Call 405-425-0262 to reserve or for more information.

Does the OKC Zoo have penguins?

Winter arrives today at the Oklahoma City Zoo – er, at least eight wintering penguins do. The penguins, a black-footed species that can be found in the wild on the shores of southern Africa, are unique not only because of the way they look, but also the way they act and sound.

How long does it take to walk the OKC Zoo?

The long walk about is at least an hour to see all the exhibits. The inner circle of the zoo is jam packed with animals to see, and the aquarium exhibit and show, petting zoo, and education center would take, IMOto get an adequate experiencewould take at least another 2-3 hours.

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