What should I name my dragons?

What should I name my dragons?

Dragon Names

  • Arman. After the dragon in the 2015 film, He’s A Dragon.
  • Falkor. This dragon name comes from the dragon in The Never Ending Story.
  • Dagahra. From the Japanese film, Rebirth of Mothra II.
  • Saphira. This dragon name is also the name of the dragon in the book, Eragon.
  • Darksmoke.
  • Mushu.
  • Diaval.
  • Toothless.

What is the name for a baby bearded dragon?

A baby bearded dragons is called hatchling!

What are some good lizard names?

TonguesSpeedyTinyScratchStormflySpotToothlessSweetumsFrecklesPeanutLittlefootCammyRainbowClawsLeap4 more rowsx26bull;12-Jun-2019

What would be a good dragon name?

Dragon nameMeaningOriginHydraMany-headed dragonGreekChuaSerpentNative AmericanAttorPoison; venomEnglishPendragonChief of dragonsCeltic6 more rows

What is a famous dragon name?

NameFilmKing GhidorahGodzillaSivethDragonheart: VengeanceSmaugThe Hobbit film seriesVermithrax PejorativeDragonslayer15 more rows

What are some badass names for dragons?

50 Names for Male Badass Dragons

  • Abzu a Babylonian dragon.
  • Al Tinnin A water dragon in Arabian mythology.
  • Arlo- It means fortified hill and therefore implies a strong personality.
  • Bahamut one of the most badass dragons of Arabian legend.
  • Baldwyn- It means brave friend in German origin.

What should I name my fire dragon?

Ice Dragon Fire Dragon Names

  • Aiden – Irish. Male.
  • Aine – Irish. Female. Bright and fiery.
  • Alev – Turkish. Male.
  • Alina – Slavic. Female. Bright and beautiful.
  • Brenna – Celtic. Female. Blazing light.
  • Brenton – Old English. Unisex.
  • Edna – Hebrew. Female. Fiery red.
  • Eirwen – Welsh. Female. Blessed name.

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