What rodent poops in cubes?

What rodent poops in cubes?

Bare-nosed wombats are renowned for producing distinctive, cube-shaped poos. This ability to form relatively uniform, clean cut faeces is unique in the animal kingdom, Carver added.

Why is wombat poo cubed?

What is it about wombat intestines that produces these poop cubes? A cross-section of the wombat’s intestine is like a rubber band with two ends kept slightly taut and the center section drooping. The rigid and elastic parts contract at different speeds, which creates the cube shape and corners.

What animal has a cube-shaped feces?


Do capybaras poop cubes?

The wombat lives in lush Australian forests, grazes on grass, and poops cubes. A study published Thursday in the journal Soft Matter explores the intimate mechanics behind those feces. This makes two entries into the poop-cube canon by a team of researchers at Georgia Tech and the University of Tasmania.

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