What Q words have no U?

What Q words have no U?

5-letter words

  • Faqih. Definition: a Muslim theologian versed in the religious law of Islam.
  • Faqir. Definition 1 a : a Muslim mendicant : a dervish b : an itinerant Hindu ascetic or wonder-worker 2 : an impostor or swindler.
  • Miqra.
  • Niqab.
  • Qanat.
  • Qapik.
  • Qibla.
  • Qinah.

Why is Q followed by U?

Q’s pairing with U is a Latin invention that has its origin in Greek. The letter Koppa, which Q is based on, would appear before a rounded vowel where otherwise a sound like /k/ or /g/ would be used. But, a few other letters, like C, also designated the same sound but in different letter combinations.

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