What month does brumation start for bearded dragons?

What month does brumation start for bearded dragons?

Most Bearded dragons don’t start brumating until they are at least ten months to one year old, although they can be difficult to predict when it comes to brumation, and may brumate one year, but not the next, may brumate every year.

How do I know if my bearded dragon is in brumation?

Your Beardie can show signs of brumation at any time, but they typically show the following signs when their tank’s temperature is decreased:

  • Eating less.
  • Sleeping more.
  • Spending more time in a hide.
  • Staying out of the basking spot.
  • Staying out of direct light.
  • Moving slower than normal.
  • What does bearded dragon brumation look like?

    From a high level, bearded dragon brumation will look a lot like major laziness or a lack of energy. Because they’re starting to power down their systems and slow down their metabolism, there’s not a need for as much activity or food as before. Here are the common signs to look for: Less movement.

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