What is the main food of seal?

What is the main food of seal?


What are 3 things that seals eat?

Adult harbor seals eat squid, crustaceans, molluscs, and a variety of fish; including, rockfish, herring, flounder, salmon, hake, and sand lance. A harbor seal’s diet varies seasonally and regionally and often is subject to local prey availability.

What animals do seals eat?

Diet. Seals generally prey on fish, but they will also eat eel, squid, octopus and lobster. Leopard seals will eat penguins and smaller seals, according to Seals World.

What do seals not like to eat?

…What Do Seals Eat?Type of SealDietCrabeater SealMainly Krills.Brown Fur SealMackerel, crustaceans, African penguins, sardines, anchovies, and gobies.4 more rowsx26bull;20-Sept-2021

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