What does it mean if you have high Neanderthal DNA?

What does it mean if you have high Neanderthal DNA?

Research has found links between Neanderthal DNA and fertility, how people feel pain and immune system functionality. Neanderthal DNA may affect skin tone and hair color, height, sleeping patterns, mood and even addiction in present-day Europeans.

What does a Neanderthal variant mean?

Neanderthals were a subspecies of humans who lived across Europe and Asia before modern humans existed. When modern humans migrated out from Africa, there was some interbreeding between them and neanderthals, meaning that most humans without African ancestry do have a small amount of neanderthal DNA in their genomes.

How tall would a Neanderthal be today?

Based on the small number of known specimens, it appears that the males averaged 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is only 2 inches shorter than the average Chinese man today and 4 inches shorter than the average American man.

What was the tallest Neanderthal ever found?

It was discovered at Amud in Israel by Hisashi Suzuki in July 1961, who described it as male. With an estimated height of 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in), it is considerably taller than any other known Neanderthal, and its skull has by far the largest cranial capacity (1736-1740 cm3) of any archaic hominin skull ever found.

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