What degree is best to be a zookeeper?

What degree is best to be a zookeeper?

Zookeepers must know a lot about animals and be at ease when working with them. Although an associate degree may be adequate, employers usually require a bachelor’s degree in animal science, zoology, or any life science

What’s the difference between a zoologist and a zookeeper?

zoologist is the person who studies animals while zookeeper is the person that takes care and tends to animal in zoologic parks.

What is the difference between zoology and Zoo science?

Zoology is a more biology-based educational endeavor. In zoology, you study animals on a more cellular level. You’ll dive into animal DNA and genetics and the core biology of all animals. While zoo science is more hands-on in terms of animal care, zoology is much more of an analytical approach to animal welfare.

What is a zoology degree?

Zoology majors study animals, their internal workings, and their activities. I love this field because it is so exciting to study and learn about the intricate details of how animals function and reproduce, especially within an evolutionary framework.

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