What are the best fish to keep with turtles?

What are the best fish to keep with turtles?

There are three kinds of fish that will fit in the fish tank together with the most common pet turtle. They are tetra fish, zebrafish, yellow cichlids. For those who have never put a fish in a turtle tank, it’s recommended that you start with a small amount of tetra or zebrafish. Both species are cheap.

Can red eared sliders eat feeder fish?

Adult red-eared sliders can be fed: Dark leafy greens: romaine lettuce, kale, dandelion greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, or swiss chard. Vegetables: bell pepper or carrots. Feeder fish: goldfish, guppies or minnows

What bottom feeders can live with turtles?

Giant gourami and cichlids might also be suitable fish in a turtle tank. Giant gourami are large enough that they might not be considered turtle food. Non-aggressive types of cichlids are also potentially good mates. Small and fast fish can survive in turtle tanks.

Do turtles eat small fish?

Most pet turtles are omnivorous, meaning they enjoy eating both plants and animals, so treating your pet turtle to a small fish snack every now and then is a good idea. Pet turtles, depending on their size and age, enjoy small fish like minnows and comet goldfish

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