Is it cruel to play with a laser with a cat?

Is it cruel to play with a laser with a cat?

Cats see the moving dot as alive and worth catching. Laser pointers can also be dangerous if your cat chases them and is not paying attention to their surroundings and runs into a wall or furniture. Or if they knock something over it could harm them or potentially break something in your home.

Why is my cat so obsessed with a laser?

Most cats enjoy playing with laser pointers because the light can move in erratic, unpredictable ways, which mimics how their prey move, Dr. Lugones told POPSUGAR. Cats can chase, stalk, and ambush the light, which gives them exercise but also allows them to carry out their natural hunting behaviors.

Is it cruel to tease a cat with a laser pointer?

The Bad: Kitties playing with laser pointers has been linked to bad behavior such as biting or clawing furniture. It isn’t totally clear why, but some theorize that the inability to actually catch the light can lead to pent up aggression and bad behavior.

Do cats know you control the laser?

It’s unlikely that cats perceive the light from a laser pointer in the same way we do, because in several ways their eyes work differently to ours, says Dr. John Bradshaw at the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science and author of The Trainable Cat and Cat Sense.

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