How To Clean Dark Pigmentation Of Skin Around Mouth and Knees

How To Clean Dark Pigmentation Of Skin Around Mouth and Knees

Some parts of the body are more prone to dark pigmentation than others. Like your knees, under your eyes, neck, and more. This dark pigmentation doesn’t look good, especially if you are light-tone every place else.
We are not saying that dark tone is bad or not beautiful, but having two-tone skin where some parts are light and some dark, this doesn’t add to your beauty. Hence, you need to clean those dark pigmentations on your skins.
There are many ways you can clean this dark pigmentation. Here are a few easy and workable ones:
Let’s began with Organic ways that you can do at home –

1. Apples:

First, mash a few apples and then apply them as a scrub to the dark spots to get rid of the dark spots and odor. Apple contains AHA which can kill germs and bacteria that cause dark spots.

2. Sandalwood with Rosewater:

Sandalwood is another substance that can reduce dark spots. You need to mix 2 tsp of sandalwood powder and rosewater. Then apply it on your dark spots and leave it for 5 minutes before washing it with water. Do this daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

3. Honey and lemon juice:

This is another mixture that you can apply daily on your dark spots. Mix an equal amount of Honey and lemon juice, apply it on the spots and then leave it for 10 minutes before washing it with warm waters.

4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has a component called Aloesin, which helps lighten pigmentation. It works by preventing the production of melanin in your skin. Now there are various ways to apply Aloe Vera. Either you can apply it directly from the plant or extract the gel from the plant mix it with rosewater or apply directly on the spots. Until now, there hasn’t been any side-effect of it, so you can apply as you want.

5. Orange peel:

Orange can be used in so many ways, and reducing dark pigmentation is one of them. But you need to do some work for it. First, you have to peel the orange and then dry the peel for 3 – 4 days. After this, you have to make a powder from the peel, mix it with rosewater, and apply on the spots. Now wash it after 10 minutes, but we suggest you don’t do this daily.

6. Potatoes:

Potatoes are rich in vitamins A, B, and C. It can be used to bleach your skin naturally and gently. You can either make a potato juice or cut the slice and place on the dark spot, this will soothe your skin and lighten your skin.

7. Cucumber and Lemon:

Both lemon and Cucumber have similar properties to Orange. You can use them by either rubbing both on the spot or place them on the spot for 10-15 minutes. After a few uses, you will see the effect yourself.
Now, these were home remedies that everyone can do. However, if you see no progress, we suggest you go to a doctor for further consultancy.
Firstly, they write some expensive skin whitening cream, which may or may not lighten you’re the dark spot. It depends on the cause of the dark spots and the environment you are living in. But a good doctor would be able to suggest the right cream.

Now, if the cream doesn’t help or you need an instant result, we suggest you go for a cosmetic procedure. These are –

8. Laser treatment :

In this process, the physician removes the dark pigmentation with a laser, and then the new layer that comes out is your natural color, which is white. But it can take more than a single sitting for the whole process.

9. Cryotherapy :

Liquid Nitrogen is used to destroy your dark skin pigment cells. As your skin starts to heal, your natural color starts to come out. But it can take a few days for the skin to heal.

10. Chemical peel :

This is a very simple process in which a chemical solution is applied on the skin to make it blister, and then it is peeled off. The new skin that comes is smoother and less wrinkled and even lighter.
All of these are chemical processes and should be performed by an experienced physician and dermatologist. This is because it can have side effects if not performed properly.
So, here are all the ways in which you can clean your dark pigmentation of skin near your knees and mouth.

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