Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

This is a very common misconception that only pregnant women suffer from stretch marks. But in real life, not only women but even men suffer from it.
Stretch marks generally result from a sudden change in your weight. It is very annoying whether you are a teenager or an adult.
Normally people opt for beauty treatment to get rid of stretch marks. However, applying chemicals is never a good idea as all have side-effects. Hence, we decided to list a few effective home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.
All of them are easy but require discipline for it to be effective.

1. Aloe Vera :

Aloe Vera’s gel is one of the most effective natural skin healers, they can be used in many ways. You can grow them in your home with little work, and once they grow, you can cut the leaf.
Take the fresh gel from inside and then massage it on the stretch marks. Leave it for a good 20 – 30 minutes and then wash it off with tepid water. Apply this daily, and soon you see the change.

2. Cocoa Butter :

Cocoa Butter is another product that our ancestors used during and after pregnancy, especially for stretch marks.
Cocoa butter is often recommended to be applied during the night. Massage it well and keep for the night, and soon you will see stretch marks fading away.

3. Cucumber and Lemon Juice :

Lemon juice is acidity in nature, which helps in reducing the scars while the cool soothing cucumber juice keeps your skin fresh and smooth. You have to prepare each juice differently and then mix them in equal parts.
Apply the mixture on the stretch marks for 10 minutes until it gets soaked by the skin. After which you can rinse it off using warm water.

4. Almond and Coconut Oil :

Oil is always productive to reduce scars on the skin. Almond and coconut oil is particularly effective against stretch marks. Mix both in equal quantity and then massage it on the affected area.
But you will only see the result of it when you apply it religiously daily. There is no harmful side-effect of this natural oil, so you don’t need to worry while applying regularly.

5. Apricot Mask and Oil :

Apricots fruit is known for its exfoliating tendencies, and this makes them extremely effective to stretch marks. Take 2 -3 pieces of the fruit, cut them, and then take the seeds out.
Crush the fruits into a paste, and apply it as a mark on the marks. Leave it for 15 minutes, after which you can wash off using warm water.

The masks can be too harsh from some people, they can use pure apricot oil to rejuvenate the affected skins. You can apply them by massaging with lemon juice.

6. Castor Oil :

Stretch marks are nothing but dried, shriveled up areas that need nourishment and moisture. Massaging castor oil on the area and then cover your skin with a cotton cloth and then apply some heat using a heating pad.
This will take a lot of time and require you to apply daily. Otherwise, you won’t see any results. After 2 – 3 months, you will be amazed by the results.

7. Egg white : 

We normally associate eggs with proteins, which helps gain weight. The same egg white also has amino acids that are super healthy for your skin.
You will need to make a paste of the egg white and apply on the stretch marks for 15 minutes before washing. Soon, you will see the marks fading away and the tightening of the skin.

8. Potato juice :

Potatoes have a high quantity of starch and other skin lighting enzymes. This is the reason why many doctors suggest you use it to lighten dark circles, spots, and even skin blemishes.
You will need to create a juice by squeezing the potato and then apply it on the stretch mark. It bleaches your skin and effectively reduces the stretch marks.

9. Black tea :

Black tea is known to reduce weight due to its abundance of vitamins and minerals. The tea also contains Vitamin B12, which helps control skin pigmentation.
You can use it by boiling a couple of tablespoons and then add some salt to it. After it cools down, apply the mixture on the stretch marks for a few minutes before washing off with water.

All of the methods are home remedies and don’t require any prior experience. As they are natural products, you won’t face any harmful side-effects.
However, they will take a lot of time to show change, so don’t expect instant healing. But with discipline, you will see effective healing.

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