Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes

Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes

Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes

We human are on a continuous part to improve ourselves and become a better person with each day.
In this endless quest, dieting is a very prominent figure as more than 20% of the people in the world are practicing diet at any moment of time.

Similarly, there are even more number of people who are trying to change the way they are living. Again, to become a better version of themselves.

Now, it is almost impossible to argue on the fact that why you need to become a better version. As becoming better has its perks. But you need to know what you are doing?

Are you dieting or changing your lifestyle?

What is Dieting and Lifestyle change?

Let’s begin with defining each of these terms for future reference. Dieting is a process you do to lose weight in the immediate future.

Like changing breakfast, lunch dinner, and restricting fast food. These are short term goals. For example, you are losing weight to become fit for the coming sibling wedding in the future.

Where else lifestyle change is a long, drawn-out process in which you make changes for life. For example, going to the workout for the rest of your life or stop eating processed food.

These changes are made for long-term benefits, which last till you live.

An overview of dieting:

The key characteristics of traditional diets are :
• Weight is generally lost quickly in a fixed period of time.
• All types of foods are categorized into two things; either good or bad
• Eating habits are often based on environmental cues
• Added emphasis is given on the number of calories you consume.
• Progress is dependent on a number on the scale

These features will seem very similar to a lot of people. As most of us have either tried different diets for weight loss or even read different articles in a bid to try dieting in the future.

If you ever tried dieting or know someone who tried dieting. They will tell you that they feel hungry, tired, frustrated, and even discouraged while trying dieting. This is because diets are done for short-term benefits and not keeping your body healthy.

Dieting is designed in a way that you feel hungry for the short term, lose weight, and get ready for the event that you want to look fit.

However, this way of living won’t last for long as you can’t be hungry, frustrated, all your life. This is where lifestyle change comes into the picture.

Switching To Lifestyle Change :

Now that you know that dieting isn’t the answer to losing weight or becoming healthier for life. So, you need to plan for long-term changes that you can easily follow for the rest of your life.

It is important to note that lifestyle change is a very broad topic and doesn’t just include losing weight. Sleeping early and waking up early, then practicing Yoga to become calmer is also an example of lifestyle changes.

So, what defines a lifestyle change?

Some key behavior changes are :
• These changes don’t show immediate impact but have long term benefits.
• You try moderation and not restriction.
• These changes are regular, i.e., everyday work plan.
• You listen to your body and change your plan according to the body’s need.
• Nothing happens at a quick pace; instead slow and steady approach is used.
• Measuring progress beyond a number on the scale

Noting the Difference:
You would have noticed the difference between dieting and lifestyle changes, but let’s finish off with a conclusion.

When you are making lifestyle changes, you are kind to your body. You are opting habits which will make you better in the long term instead of shortcuts which will impact at the moment.

That is why losing weight in lifestyle changes is much slower, but it also permanent.

Imagine you start doing jogging every morning. It is really hard to find any quantifiable impact of this change, but in time, you will see the change, whereas you will be demotivated instantly when you start gaining weight just after you end dieting.

So, if you are thinking of a shortcut, then dieting is the way to go. It works wonder when you are preparing for your friend’s wedding or a vacation.

But if you want something to last longer, then lifestyle change is the only choice because it would convert into a habit and not some restriction you need to bear.

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