Are there spiders in bananas?

Are there spiders in bananas?

There is simply no chance for spider eggs to get into a banana. Nor would a species that did this survive long, since spiderlings in an uneaten banana could never escape. Not that eating spider eggs would cause any harm even if this fantasy were true! This myth has already spawned variations.

How do you get rid of a banana spider?

Most banana spiders are not dangerous to humans. The Brazilian wandering spider is more venemous than others, but it rarely appears in international shipments. Spiders typically don’t bite humans unless held or threatened. A bite from any type of banana spider may cause pain or irritation, but it’s not usually deadly.

How toxic is a banana spider?

Tesco shopper ‘finds world’s most venomous spider cocooned on bunch of bananas’ One of the most lethal spiders on the planet was hanging out in a UK supermarket fruit aisle, a shopper claims. The Brazilian wandering spider is one of only a few species of spider known to represent a serious threat to humans.

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